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Blogger’s Block!

I’m currently experiencing blogger’s block, or writer’s block in general.

I know that I want to write something, and there are already two drafts in my dashboard here. But there are also too many reasons not to turn it into a real piece of writing. What are they? Let’s break them down.

  1. Non-ergonomic surroundings.
  2. Stiflingly hot air.
  3. A mosquito and its extended families, relatives, friends, colleagues, and networks.
  4. Galau state of mind.
  5. A bit sugar deficiency.
I think I need to lock myself in the bathroom. Don’t ask me why, but bathroom always inspires me. Trains of thoughts entwine and move together. Sentences got out themselves. Imaginations run high.
Damp surroundings bolster creativity? Such an exaggeration.
Just a blogger with lame excuses.

I Dream of Being Carrie Bradshaw

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Hai! Me back here!

I don’t need to look for the date feature on this site to realize that it’s been so long since I posted my first post here. I know it’s been too long. Hehehe. Phew! So now I know, that blogging is not an easy thing. Writing is not an easy thing. You might think that I have never ¬†thought of any topic to get written down. Frankly, I¬†have! And actually there are at least THREE. But every time I tried to write it down, it’s me who felt down already. Either the topic was too lame or it’s just the nine muses of inspirations didn’t come to shower me with the ideas of how to write beautifully.

So it happened one day that I incidentally changed my TV channel into Sex and The City serial. Sex and The City is a tale about four single women who live in the Big Apple, New York. There are Miranda, Charlotte, Samantha, and of course the leader of the pack, the main character, Carrie Bradshaw. I never actually watch the serial with all my heart and soul but I think I can tell you that Carrie is a column writer in some kind of newspaper. She writes about men, women, relationship, and of course, sex.

Now what’s the point with me dreaming of being Carrie? Other than she lives in one of the biggest metropolitan, possesses a closet full of fashion stuff, and oh those Manolo collection? Well, actually I’m no big fan of Manolo, but it’s something many girls dream of from being Carrie. But no. Told you before, that Carrie is a writer. She writes based on her experience and observation. And she could turn it into a professional piece of newspaper column like every week? Phew! Meanwhile, me? Very amateur rookie writer that rarely put up sentences into coherent piece of writing. Hehe. Look at me, comparing myself into a fictional character. … She’s fiction eh?! *just make sure*

Maybe it’s true what they say. Everything needs to be learned, so does writing. At first, you’d think you’ll need nine goddess to be your muses. And if they wouldn’t come, you’d drop every piece of paper, every set of laptop, tab, gadget and just stop writing. Learning and just keep writing will develop your self, develop your techniques, and at last, say goodbye to the muses!

While I’m dreaming of being Carrie Bradshaw, I’m actually dreaming of being a consistent writer. Watch me through this blog, ladies and gentlemen.